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OR COHEN started her way as a gymnast being part of the Israeli national team.
At the age of ???? she transferred to crossfit and became a force to reckon with.

2018 – Or placed 3rd place in the Amsterdam Throwdown, and 2nd placed in the Israel Throwdown RFA
2019 – Or placed 4th in the Italian showdown, missing out on the podium, only to make up for it placing 3rd in the Norwegian Throwdown, 2nd in the Israel Throwdown and winning 1st placed making her the 2019 Weightlifting National Champion!
2020 – 8th placed in Pandaland Crossfit Challenge in China and 13th place in the Norwegian Crossfit Throwdown
Or also holds the Israel National Record for the "snatch" lifting 82 kg

"I am a Vegan Athlete 🌱"

From: Haifa, Israel
Born: 1993-04-04
Sport Sector: Climbing