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AYALA KEREM started climbing at the age of 5 in a small kibutz named "Ramat Yishay" and quickly began her journey to be the strongest female bouldering in Israel.
In 2018 she made her first finals placing 8th at the European bouldering Youth cup in Sofia.
In 2019 she made it to two more finals, at the European bouldering youth cup in Soure, were she placed 6th and at the bouldering European open cup in Innsbruck, were she placed 4th.
She placed 10th at the bouldering youth world championship in Arco, and 4th place at the bouldering European youth championship in Brixen.
In 2019 Ayala went on a climbing trip to "Magic Wood", Switzerland and became the first Israeli climber to climb a double-digit boulder Sending "sofa surfer" V11/12
"a bit of fine and a bit of chunk is the perfect mix"

From: Tuval, Israel
Born: 2001-09-22
Sport Sector: Climbing - Bouldering