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Pure Natural High Quality Chalk Bland, coats your hands with an ultrafine

layer of Magnesium Carbonate that keeps your hands dry.

DRY HANDS | Keep your hands dry while gripping. Overcome grip problems caused by sweat, humidity, oils & sunscreen. No more sweaty palms and greasy hands.

SILICA-FREE | Healthy Skin = Better Performance | Stripped of fillers and artificial drying agents that are harmful to your skin.

ECO- FRIENDLY | Safe for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Non-staining, non-toxic, Pigment-free. safe for kids and adults.

You can purchase in 3 different types:

Chunk – larger pieces of chunks for those who love crouching their powder with their hands

Comes in 3 different sizes: 25gr, 150 gr, 300gr

Fine – chalk that is ground very fine for those who love the smooth texture on their hands.

Comes in 3 different sizes: 25gr, 150 gr, 300gr

Block - Chalk also comes in a solid, compressed form for those who love breaking it down into any size they like.

Comes in size: 60gr.